When you should take the natural sleeping aids

When you should take the natural sleeping aids

Sleeping is one of God’s gifts for every human. If you are lacking sleep then your body and mind is supposed to get weak. To overcome this there are many remedies available where you can change your lifestyle. Even though you don’t find any improvement in your sleep then you should try some natural sleeping aids by consulting the doctors.

Description of some effective sleeping aids

Good sleeping may help to improve your brain activity and also helps to stay brisk in all the day time activities. Here are some of the best sleeping supplements that help to improve your sleeping.

  •   Melatonin.
  •   Magnesium.
  •   Lavender.
  •   Passion flower.
  •   Glycine.
  •   Valerian root.

Melatonin: Melatonin level will be increased in the evening and decreased in the morning. This is one of the hormones that help to indicate sleep to your brain. So melatonin supplements like jet lag have become more popular. This sleeping aid will mostly suit the shift workers who need to sleep in the day time.

Valerian root: This root was found in Asia and Europe. This is in the form of herb which is also used for treatment of depression, anxiety etc. But long term usages of Valerian root is not an advisable one.

Magnesium: This is one of the built in minerals available in the human body that helps for functioning of the brain and heart. Apart from that, magnesium helps to keep your mind calm so that you will feel asleep in a short period of time. Many doctors prescribe the combination of magnesium, vitamin B and melatonin for the treatment of insomnia.

Lavender: The soothing fragrance produced by the Lavender flowers helps to enhance the sleeping quickly. While sleeping some people have the habit of inhaling the Lavender oils and that will help to have a good sleep at night. But consuming Lavender flowers directly may lead to stomach pain, nausea etc. This treatment is not recommended by many scientists; only a limited amount of case studies has proven to smell lavender oils.

Passion flower: This is one of the natural herbs used for the treatment of insomnia. This should be consumed in the form of tea. When and how these tea bags should be asked from the doctors or supplements supplier.

Glycine: The well known amino acid used for the development of the nervous system is called glycine. The main work of the glycine supplements is to lower your body temperature at night so that you can sleep without any inconveniences. There are many natural ingredients like cabbage, kale, spinach, beans, meats, egg, fish, Banana etc., which have plenty of glycine. You can try these foods before going to bed. 

You should not take all these natural sleeping aids supplements continually because there are some side effects also while consuming it.

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