Perfect Crypto Brokering Options for You Now

Perfect Crypto Brokering Options for You Now

Making money by investing in crypto is not as difficult a task as it sounds. With strategy, positive mind-set and respect for method, good results become consequence. But to calculate the real profitability of the investment, you need to dilute the rates that are levied on it. Look: Visit in this case.

For the Perfect Details

Investing abroad is a totally legal process and one should therefore pay 15% income tax on profits. This is the regulation, prepared by the National Monetary Council. And, in order to be 100% legalized, it is necessary to declare what you have crypto investments. The crypto broker is the best deal here.

  • This should be done every year, regardless of the amount invested. That is, even with a small account it is important to make that statement – in addition to paying the mentioned tax when you make a profit. But, remember: removing the IR and declaring the financial application are totally different things.
  • So, to earn money with crypto quietly, I always suggest consulting an accountant or tax accountant to do everything the right way. Other than this cost, there is the international transfer rate (around US $ 20) and the IFA 0.38%. Opening an account at the foreign brokerage is totally free.

Another item that raises many questions is about the sending of values and withdrawals after making money in the crypto. Here’s how to go about these two important steps in the next topic.

How Submissions and Redemptions Work

Deposits are made by international credit and debit card or transfer (via bank or exchange office). And withdrawals, up to the same amount deposited, can also be made with the card. Already higher redemption values must be repatriated by bank transfer.

As for the transactions in the foreign brokerage, they work as in an account here in Brazil: you can move it normally, deposit and withdraw the money earned with crypto when you wish. Simply request online transfers and the amounts will go to the account linked to your account.

Now that you already know how to make money in the crypto market, check out the video below. In it, I tell you about the experience of achieving 142% profitability in just five months.

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